Tenant to Tenant Discount Program

A program designed for the benefit of our Tenants who are selling or purchasing goods or services.

With over 500 tenants that lease space in buildings we own and manage, we are excited to offer all of our tenants a new “value-added” program.

Discounts Offered
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There is no cost to participate! Your company’s inclusion in the program is easy. Tenants offering discounts simply complete the Seller Participation Form and return it to our Marketing Coordinator, Theresa Lewis. Tenants wanting to purchase goods or services from other tenants simply access the “Tenant Programs” section of our website using an access code we provide you and print out the coupons.

*Participation in the program is at no cost as long as you are a Jackson Properties Tenant in good standing.

For more details on this program contact your Leasing Agent/Asset manager at (916) 381-8113.

Seller Participation Form
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